Self Make Up

Self Make Up

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From the analysis of your skin to the choice of the products, from the identification of the color palette to the study of your morphology, this course is a simple and effective guide to learn to enhance your look with a correct use of make-up.

Starting from the basics with a practical and highly personalized approach, it is easy to use even for those with little manual skills or who simply loves a more natural look.


This course combines the experience of the make-up artist Roberta Scagnolari and that of the image consultant Rossella Migliaccio, with a professional approach, but with a practical and easily assimilable method.


The course is aimed at all those who want professional help to learn make-up according to their chromatic and morphological characteristics and their personal style.


Make-up tools
A complete overview of the essentials: from brushes to sponges, from primer to base.

The analysis of the skin
A thorough analysis of the skin to minimize imperfections and find the right products.

The base
How to choose blush and foundation based on your complexion, skin type and age.

The choice of the concealer
A complete guide to the right concealer: color, texture, opacity and application method.

Face shapes and contouring
Identification of the Facial Shape and definition of the correct contouring to enhance it.

Eye makeup
Study of shape and size to find the most suitable makeup: colors, eyeshadows, pencils and mascara.

Eyebrow study
Study of the arch and eyebrow mapping, to learn to define them with suitable products.

Redesign the lips, correct any asymmetries and give a natural volume.

Fix the makeup to make it last. Learn how to turn a day-time makeup into a night-time one.

And also…
New trends; celebrities’ secrets; the golden rules of make-up artists and much more …

The course provides all the products and tools for practicing in the classroom, under the guidance of a make-up artist and an image consultant.


  • The complete brush kit
  • Your own custom color palette
  • 1 month of tutoring
  • Breakfast and afternoon break



After the course, you will have all the tools to make your ideal makeup by yourself and you will be able to choose the colors and the most suitable products for your face.

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