The attention of body image does not concern only women. More than ever, today’s man feels the need to focus on his look to be more successful in life and work.

Based on the experience gained over the years, Rossella and her team are able to assist gentlemen of all ages and professions who desire to improve their image.



  • Professional colour analysis , to identify your own palette
  • Hairstyling, advice to find which haircut best suits your face, or to enhance a shaved head look
  • Study of  facial shape to choose which type of shaving fits better
  • Guidance for occhiali in harmony with colors and facial features
  • Grooming and beauty secrets for skin, hands and smile care



  • Body analysis: strenghts and weaknesses
  • Strategic clothing  to balance proportions and body shape
  • Study and definition of  a personal style, in harmony with personality, lifestyle and age of the customer
  • How to choose and match colours and fabrics that enhance body and color features
  • Guidance for accessories ,, wrist watch, eyeglasses, shoes and hat for a successful total look



  • Wardrobe planning  by functions and categories: work, free time, special occasions, …
  • New solutions  for old clothes (because a good stylist doesn’t throw anything away, but recycles!)
  • Creation of one or more capsule: a few clothes combined together that create innumerable outifts
  • Selection of complete and accessorized outfits for a perfect look for any occasion!
  • Creation of a  shopping list with classic and timeless clothes that cannot be missed in your wardrobe
  • Precious tips for care and maintenance of clothing
  • • Smart ideas to make and keep your closet organized



  • Personalized  shopping tours focused on accurate style goals
  • Accurate selection  of clothes that best fit your body and color features
  • Investment in strategic and versatile clothing  that goes beyond seasonal trends
  • For the fans: tailored and high fashion tours
  • Outlet tour: a day of bargain hunting
  • Special and seasonal sales