Through the empathic listening  and the personalized analysis, is it possible to study the customer’s harmonic image, starting from the ABC of Image Consulting:

  1. Accentuate the strong points
  2. Bilanciare le proporzioni
  3. Camouflage the weak points

By choosing a combination of beauty, through personal shopping and wardrobe planning, it is defined a  new style  that reflects the individual and fits his or her personality, communicating a sense of elegance and self-confidence vital for a successful total look.



  • Professional colour analysis, to identify your own palette
  • Personalized makeup lessons and camouflage techniques
  • Hairstyling advice to find which haircut and colour best suits your face and personality
  • Eyebrows analysis to maximize eyes and harmonize facial features
  • Analysis of measurements, proportions and facial symmetry to identify the best profile
  • Choice of jewelry and accessories  to enhance face and complexion
  • Guidance for eyewear in harmony with colors and facial features
  • Beauty Routine and personal care to always look impeccable (even for those who don’t have much time)
  • Beauty secrets  for skin, hair and smile care



  • Body analysis  and anthropometric measures
  • Identification of your own  Body Shape and peculiar characteristics
  • camouflage techniques to balance proportions and body shape
  • Study and definition of style, in harmony with personality, lifestyle and age of the customer
  • Strategic clothing  based on strengths and weaknesses
  • Advices for choosing the right underwear
  • How to match fabrics, colors and accessories that enhance body and color features
  • Guida alla scelta di borse, scarpe e accessori chiave per un total look di successo



  • Wardrobe planning  by functions and categories: work, free time, special occasions, …
  • New solutions  for old clothes (because a good stylist does not throw away, but recycles!)
  • Creating one or more capsule: a few clothes combined together that create innumerable outifts
  • Selection of complete and accessorized for a perfect look for any occasion
  • Creation of a  shopping list list with classic and timeless clothes that cannot be missed in your wardrobe
  • Precious tips for care and maintenance of clothing
  • • Smart ideas to make and keep your closet organized



  • Personalized  shopping tours focused on accurate style goals
  • Accurate selection  of clothes that best fit your body and color features
  • Investment in versatile clothing that goes beyond seasonal trends
  • For the fans: vintage and high fashion tours
  • Outlet tour: a day of bargain hunting
  • Special and seasonal sales