The Bridal Stylist profession was born recently in the United States and Rossella Migliaccio has been  the first one in Italy  to offer this kind of services.

A Bridal Stylist is an  Image Consultant  who meets the need of the Bride to be perfect for the most important day of her life, guiding her completely in all decisions relating her look:



An analytical study of facial features and a complete guide to bride’s beauty: makeup, hairstyle, eyebrows, manicure.



Identification of the body shape and guide to  wedding dress and accessories that emphasize the qualities of the bride, to recreate a sense of beauty and harmony.



Study of body image that fits with shape and personal style of the bride, all within the theme of the wedding day. . Research of the total outfit or only of the most rare items and services.



An expert and disinterested opinion, a set of tips be treasured even after the wedding day, an emotional support you can count on … and much more!

The Bridal Styling consultation also includes, upon request, other members of the Wedding Party:

  • The mother and the father of the bride
  • The Groom and his parents
  • Wedding witnesses
  • Pageboys and maids of honor
  • All the guests who want to stand out with a unique style